Hi, I'm Abbey!

As a nutritionist and busy mum of two, smoothies are my secret weapon! 

They're the perfect nutritious snack for the kids between school and sport and a great on-the-go energy boost for me during my busy days.

The Smooshie Bottle was developed after one too many spilt smoothies in the car! Whether it was the wide spout of a bottle that would spill over the kids when they were trying to drink it, or my bottle that would keep tipping over because it was too wide to fit properly in the car cup holder, it's safe to say I've cleaned up a lot of spilt smoothies in my time!

So it got me thinking... what would my ideal smoothie bottle look like? It would have to have an easy to drink non-spill spout but one that the kids can't lose the lid, it would have to fit perfectly in a cup holder and it most definitely would have to keep the smoothie icy cold. 

As I started creating my design I thought what else could I add to make it even better - and then it hit me - a screw off snack compartment for all in one nutrition!

So after months of research, many designs and prototypes - the Smooshie Bottle was developed.

We absolutely love using our Smooshie Bottles and hope you will too. It's the perfect "lunchbox" in a bottle for on-the-go nutrition!


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