Hi, I'm Abbey - mum, nutritionist and founder of the Smooshie Bottle.

As a nutritionist and busy mum of two, I knew the importance of a nutritious diet for my kids but heading out the door with their water bottle and healthy snacks to keep them fuelled and hydrated turned into a constant struggle! Their water bottles often leaked in my bag, snacks were crushed, I was sick and tired of lugging everything around! Plus if I wasn’t organised enough to bring their water and snacks, it would cost a fortune or I’d cave and end up buying something less than ideal.

 So I created the Smooshie Bottle! A simple way to carry water and healthy snacks when on the go!

I spent months researching and designing the perfect bottle! From the double walled, insulated stainless steel bottle and base, to the leak proof design of both compartments, the size, the lid and the carry handle - everything was considered! And after numerous designs and prototypes - the Smooshie Bottle was finally born!

With the Smooshie Bottle, our outings became stress free! I knew my kids were getting the nourishment they needed whether they were heading to school, the park, or a family outing. The Smooshie Bottle quickly became the key to establishing our consistent healthy habits - healthier choices simply became easier and more convenient.

I hope you love your Smooshie Bottle as much as we do


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