The Truth About Nuts

Do not eat another nut, until you read this!

We're told over and over again that nuts are a healthy snack, and they absolutely are - they're a great source of healthy fats, they contain protein, fibre, important vitamins and minerals and they're great for your heart health. 

They're an excellent snack BUT they are very easy to overeat! They are very energy dense which means they contain a high amount of kilojoules/calories for their small size.

A serve of nuts is actually just 30g which is equal to about 1/4 cup!.

As you know I've developed the Smooshie Bottle as a perfect way to carry around your snacks and water in one, so a serve of nuts fits perfectly in the base. My favourites are Brazil nuts and almonds and I eat them most days.

So do have your nuts, enjoy them as a nutritious, filling snack perfect for us busy mums on the go, but just be mindful of your portion size and aim to keep it to 30g.



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